Enhanced C2-CN sub-mechanism: Impact on NO/N2O and soot precursor yields during C2H2/HCN oxidation
On the roles of humidification and radiation during the ignition of ammonia-hydrogen-air mixtures
High-pressure kinetic interactions between CO and H2 during syngas catalytic combustion on PdO
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Homogeneous ignition of H2/CO/O2/N2 mixtures over palladium at pressures up to 8 bar
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Effects of C2H2 and C2H4 radiation on soot formation in ethylene/air diffusion flames
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Kinetic interactions between H2 and CO in catalytic oxidation over PdO
On band lumping, radiation reabsorption, and high-pressure effects in laminar flame propagation
Temperature and emissivity measurements from combustion of pine wood, rice husk and fir wood using flame emission spectrum
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H2 and CO heterogeneous kinetic coupling during combustion of H2/CO/O2/N2 mixtures over rhodium
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Experimental and numerical investigation of fuel-lean H2/CO/air and H2/CH4/air catalytic microreactors
A comparative experimental and numerical investigation of the heterogeneous and homogeneous combustion characteristics of fuel-rich methane mixtures over rhodium and platinum
Hetero-/homogeneous combustion of fuel-lean methane/oxygen/nitrogen mixtures over rhodium at pressures up to 12 bar
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Homogeneous ignition during fuel-rich H2/O2/N2 combustion in platinum-coated channels at elevated pressures
An experimental and numerical investigation of the combustion and heat transfer characteristics of hydrogen-fueled catalytic microreactors